Paleo Pizza Crust

My favorite memories growing up, were those of long summer days spent playing outside until my dad would call us inside to take showers and get cleaned up for dinner. After a little defiance, my sister and I would take turns wiping our earth sodden feet with baby wipes and traipse into the house to... Continue Reading →

She Said “Yes” to Doing the Work

The summer heat felt like the sauna in this hotel I stayed in once. It clung close, and it forced salty dew to appear on the surface of everyone’s skin as we stood in a massive clump outside a brick building. During school hours, this building would have been called the gymnasium, but for us... Continue Reading →

A Moment to Process: The Middle

PSA: If you are a faithful follower of this blog you will have noticed I have been MIA for a couple weeks. This was unintentional at first, I had a writer lined up to do writer spotlight and that fell through, without me having a back-up plan (totally unlike me). Then last week, I wrote... Continue Reading →

She Said “Yes” to Still Feet

I was in the prime of my dance career. My dreams were bigger than the pointe shoes on my feet. Julliard School of Dance, yep, that was the goal. Little middle school me had my future planned out to the “T”. I knew who my roommate was going to be, what kind of townhouse we... Continue Reading →

Guilty-Free Hamburger Helper

So I'm not going to lie to you, I did not grow up on Hamburger Helper meals, but I do distinctly remember my dad making it once. His signature dish was butter noodles, and my sister, Tess and I, always asked him to make that for us whenever he was on dinner duty. We must... Continue Reading →

She Said “Yes” to 5am

“Sweet girl, it’s time to get up.” All I could muster was moaning in the space where normally words would go. It was all I had strength for. The hall light poured in through the medium-size crack of my bedroom door, preventing me from making slits in my eyes to see the person who dared... Continue Reading →

Cleaned- Up Green Bean Casserole

I love Thanksgiving dinner! It was and still probably is my favorite holiday if we are looking at it from the perspective of what we get to eat. The turkey/ham, the mashed potatoes, the sweet potato casserole, the corn, the stuffing, the greens, the cranberry sauce and my personal favorite the green bean casserole. A... Continue Reading →

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